Top Extensions

TOP PICK: The Quick Extender Pro

This product is made in the USA. If you want to be discreet, the billing is done in such a way that it won’t show up as an embarrassing charge. Also, they do the shipping in a way so as not to embarrass you. They promise quick results too. You can gain up to one inch in a month.

They have doctors behind their product to support these claims.You can also get a deal on the website to make the price a lot more affordable. The process is quick and comfortable. This is good for people that are a little squeamish about getting this procedure done. You can also use this device to treat curvature of the penise.


-Can be done from the comfort of home

-You get results in just a month

-They promise results in line with the studies

-They promise discreet shipping and billing

-It’s less embarrassing to treat penile curvature this way


-It can be expensive unless you get it on sale

PHALLOSAN forte and Plus+

This is a much more pricey item than the top pick. It ships to many different countries, including the UK, Australia, or Canada. You can even get it shipped in the midst of Corona. A lot of people report that they are getting extra results with this one. One person even said that they got an extra two inches. These results are even better than the study above, although a person should still be careful with unrealistic expectations. It comes with a lot of components, so it is a more complicated machine. It relies on suction to get the job done.


-You can get it from many different countries

-It comes with a travel bag as well


-Device is very expensive

-The suction system might be complicated and a little less comfortable than the top pick

-It doesn’t say anything about discreet shipping

SizeGenetics™ penis extender

This device boasts that it’s easy to use. You can use it at home while you are quarantining as one of your projects. You will get the permanent growth that you crave with this device. They have used clinical studies to test this one. It is used by penis traction specialists. If you’re not happy, you get a money back guarantee. You can also use this on a curved penis without having to go to a physician for the embarrassment. You can even watch a before and after on the site.


-Easy to Use

-Clinically tested

-It comes with a money back guarantee

-Can watch a before and after video


-Does not mention about discreet shipping and billing

All of these devices have a lot of evidence to prove that they work. Some of them use different methods, such as suction. The suction device is more expensive. It also might be a little bit more uncomfortable. When you are using these devices, make sure that you use them according to manufacturers’ suggestions in order to get the best results. You will be happy to know that many of them are guaranteed too or your money back. Penis extenders work and we’ve found some of the top picks that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to your member, you may be looking for ways to enlarge it. It can be quite a process when it’s all said and done. You might be a model and just want a better shot. Alternatively, you might just be looking to spice it up in the bedroom. Many people, from porn stars to regular folks, want to enlarge their penis. You probably want to know though how to grow your penis according to science. You will want the best penis extenders and not ones that don’t even work. This is why we have made this article. We want to help you weed out what works and what doesn’t. Finally, we will look at three penis extenders and go through the pro’s and con’s of each of them.

What About Pills?

Pills might seem like a better solution to you than a penis extender. Let’s face it as well, we are a nation of pill poppers. We are used to popping a pill every time that we have an ache or pain. You can spend money on pills for penis extension, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t work. You will not get any results with these pills, unless of course, you like to take placebos. You can take them and pretend that they work if this is what will help you feel better. So cross off the pills off your list and let’s start to explore some other solutions.

The Science Behind Penis Extenders

According to Live Science, penis extenders actually work. This is an interesting discovery in the scientific community. Journalists are supposed to remain objective, so for them to admit this is a pretty big feat. They get their information from the British Journal of Urology.

The BJU says that the average flacid size is three inches. The range is usually between one to four inches. Regardless of your size when you are flacid, the size of an erect penis is usually five to six inches. Men who are smaller when they are flacid tend to feel inadeqate. In a society where your size is often a bragging right, some men feel they come up short, no pun intended.

In a recent study, men who used penis extenders gained almost one inch when they were flacid. This was from using the penis extender as directed for six months. They got an extra half inch too when they were erect. These gadgets can really do the trick if you want to gain an extra inch.