18 Wheeler Accidents

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About 12 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are caused by 18 wheeler accidents. While 98 percent of 18 wheeler accidents result in at least one fatality, about 86 percent of these deaths, as well as 77 percent of injuries sustained, affect those in other smaller vehicles, not the truck drivers themselves. The U.S. Department of Transportation has reported that about 75 percent of all 18 wheeler accidents are caused by drivers of smaller passenger vehicles.

Regardless of the specific cause of an 18 wheeler accident, the results can be extremely devastating, as victims may be left with:

  • expensive bills for emergency care and ongoing medical treatments
  • permanent disabilities
  • an inability to work for any period of time
  • costly property damage
  • emotional suffering as they try to recover and put their lives back together

Following such tragic 18 wheeler accidents, it's important that victims seek both medical care and legal help. While medical professionals help restore victims' health as much as possible, 18 wheeler accident lawyers are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation to cover costly medical bills and other losses, including:

  • outstanding medical bills
  • ongoing treatment costs
  • lost wages
  • permanent disabilities
  • pain and suffering

Causes of 18 wheeler Accidents

Nine out of 10 times, the following human errors play a central role in causing 18 wheeler accidents:

  • driver fatigue (The demanding schedules of truck drivers can increase the likelihood that truck drivers drive fatigued – a condition that some experts liken to being as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.)
  • driver intoxication
  • inexperience or lack of safety training
  • running red lights, speeding or otherwise failing to obey traffic laws

When factors other than human error contribute to 18 wheeler accidents, they may include:

  • equipment failure, such as defects with the brakes, steering, etc.
  • heavy rains, strong winds or other poor weather conditions
  • improperly attached cargo loads (that can make the 18 wheeler top heavy or otherwise unstable)
  • pot holes, poor lighting, lack of signage or other poor road conditions

The most common types of 18 wheeler accidents include rollovers, jackknives and rear-end collisions.

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been involved in an 18 wheeler crash and you are seeking experienced and professional legal help, contact our 18 wheeler accident injury attorneys. We have extensive experience in handling complex injury and death cases involving large trucks, and are committed to helping the injured and their families recover compensation for their losses.