Cement Truck Accidents

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Also referred to as concrete mixers, cement trucks are heavy, industrial vehicles that deliver mixed cement to construction sites, usually with 90 minutes of being loaded with cement mix. As with other large, heavy trucks, however, cement trucks can cause serious, fatal truck accidents should even the slightest mishap or recklessness occur. From bad weather and poor road conditions to driver fatigue or inexperience, a number of factors can play a role in causing or worsening a cement truck crash.

Regardless of the cause of these traffic accidents, injured parties will likely need:

  • emergency medical care to prevent irreversible injuries
  • long-term care, should victims sustain severe injuries
  • aggressive, professional legal representation to help them recover compensation for their injuries and losses

Our truck accident lawyers are committed to defending victims' rights so they can win the compensation they need and deserve. Injured parties are encouraged to attend a private consultation to learn more about their legal rights and receive expert advice regarding how to proceed with their claim.

Cement Truck Accidents in Recent News

  • December 2009, Indiana: A cement truck rolled over, causing a fatality and several severe injuries.
  • December 2009, Florida: A cement truck hit a guardrail and overturned, seriously injuring the driver of the cement truck.
  • September 2009, North Dakota: A cement truck crossed a highway median and collided with a pickup truck, killing the driver of the pickup.
  • October 2008, South Carolina: A tractor trailer rear-ended a passenger car, pushing it into the path of a cement truck and resulting in the death of the passenger car driver.
  • April 2008, Texas: A cement truck rolled over a car and a motorcycle, causing one death a few serious injuries.
  • July 2004, Michigan: A cement truck backed over and killed a construction site worker.

Causes of Cement Truck Accidents

Nearly 90 percent of all large truck accidents (including cement truck accidents) are caused by human error, such as:

  • driver fatigue
  • driver inexperience or lack of safety training
  • driver intoxication
  • failure to obey traffic laws
  • the carelessness or recklessness of drivers, pedestrians or bicyclists

Other elements that can intensify cement truck accidents include:

  • bad weather, such as heavy rains or winds
  • improperly secured cargo loads
  • poor road conditions, such as lack of lighting or signage
  • vehicle equipment failure, such as brake or steering failure

Contact a Cement Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a cement truck accident, or a loved one has died in a cement truck accident, our injury lawyers encourage you to contact us for professional legal guidance. We will evaluate the details of your potential case to determine the best way to proceed. To speak with an experienced and aggressive cement accident lawyer who will fight aggressively on your behalf, contact us today.