Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyers

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Connecticut is a major throughway for travels down the Eastern Seaboard. Located in the Eastern U.S., the state is home to interstates like I-91, I-84, and I-395. Since trucks often have to share the road with passenger cars, accidents can happen and cause very serious injury or even death.

Connecticut Trucking Companies

Connecticut is home to many trucking companies, including:

  • Amodio Moving, Inc.
  • Bailey’s Express Inc.
  • Bulk Connection
  • Carrano Transportation and Logistics, LLC
  • Fuller Transport LLC
  • Hitchcock Brothers, Inc.
  • ICC Trucking
  • Industrial Riggers
  • Jadex
  • JRC Transportation, Inc.
  • Keefe Courier, LLC
  • Matrix International Logistics
  • MHO Movers LLC
  • Ocean Air Transportation
  • RTM Line
  • VJC Logistics LLC
  • White Hollow, Inc.

Trucking Accidents in Connecticut

There is a high number of trucking accidents in Connecticut, which is why there are professional trucking accident attorneys available to help victims and their families get the settlement and compensation that they deserve. Accidents in Connecticut can happen due to irresponsible or inexperienced driving, DUI, and many other causes. This makes each case very complicated, and is why you need to choose the best attorney for your needs.

If you or your loved ones have been the victim of a trucking accident in Connecticut, you need to contact experienced professionals. Our Connecticut truck accident lawyers can help you move on with your life and get the settlement that you deserve.