Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers

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Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a fairly traveled route for trucks and trucking companies. The state has a few different interstates, including I-5, I-84, and many major state and U.S. highways. Since cars have to share the road with tractor-trailer trucks, accidents can occur and often result in serious injury and/or death.

Oregon Trucking Companies:

Oregon is serviced by dozens of trucking companies, including:

  • Advanced Transportation
  • All-Ways Trucking
  • Amco Transportation
  • American Auto Shipping
  • Blue Line Transportation Co. Inc.
  • Castle Rock Moving & Storage
  • Central Oregon Truck Company Inc.
  • Combined Transport, Inc.
  • Cummings Moving Systems
  • Freedom Express
  • Hammell Transport Service
  • Kool Pak LLC
  • Langston Truck
  • Market Transport Services Ltd.
  • May Trucking
  • Northwest Container Services
  • Paystar Logistics Group
  • Peters Family Trucking
  • Sherman Brothers Trucking
  • TP Freight
  • Zwald Transport

Trucking Accidents in Oregon

Due to the number of trucking accidents in the state, there are many different truck accident attorneys to offer assistance to victims and their families in getting compensation for their injuries or deaths related to truck accidents. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, and can easily become complicated. That’s why having the right attorney makes all the difference.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by trucking accident injuries or deaths, contact an experienced attorney today. Our Oregon truck accident lawyers can help you get compensation for your claims and get your life back.

Truck Accident Attorneys in the State of Oregon

Aloha Medford
Oregon City
Grants Pass Springfield
KeizerWest Linn
Lake Oswego Woodburn